Monday Announcements–100 Day Edition!


Let’s give a cheer

100th day is here!

We’ve learned a lot along the way!

Time to celebrate our 100th day!

Hip hip hooray!

Can you believe we have been here for 100 days?  We have all learned so much and I am so proud of each and everyone of my students!  We have a ton of stuff on the go this week and as I’m sure you can imagine, the classroom is buzzing with excitement.  We will not be doing sight words or word families this week–we will resume after the February break.



Another Expert!

We had Dr. Dehghani come to our class in the last hour today and teach us all about the heart.  He is a cardiac surgeon!  We listened to a heartbeat, learned about the MANY MANY things that a heart does in order to keep us strong and healthy, and he even had a real heart that we were able to look at.  Thanks Dr. Dehghani for coming in and teaching us today!

Polar Bears

I know many of the students have come back to school telling me about a website or video they found about polar bears.  This is great and a huge part of the inquiry process!  Please feel free to send me links to videos, pictures, websites etc that you find and I will try as best as possible to incorporate them into our research.  We’ve also done some reading about mammals and when Elder Betty came she taught us about the Spirit Bear (which is also white but not a Polar Bear!)  I love seeing the students so engaged with the learning process.

Monday Announcements

Many of the students were telling me that they were having issues with Razkids at home.  I had to renew my subscription with a new username which is now rperkins10.  The password is no longer your child’s name but rather everyone just has the same password of perkins.  Sorry for the confusion on this and please email me if you continue to have problems.

Have a great week everyone!


Extra magazines

We are hoping to do a collage art activity.  If you have any old magazines around the house that you would be willing to donate, please send them in.  They will be used for art so I will not be able to return them.

Stir Crazy

We all had a lot of extra energy today.  With the cold weather and indoor recess we are unable to move as much as we need to and this makes learning much harder!  Today, we converted our classroom to a yoga studio and practiced our yoga moves.  The students really enjoyed the video as it tells a story as well.  Today the story was Star Wars!  Here is a link:


This is a great link and she has lots of different stories that all incorporate yoga movements.  I use them with Parker all the time when we can’t get outside.  Parents and teachers–may the force be with us as we deal with this weather!

I sent home scholastic today–due February 3rd.