Deep Discussions!

I am just blown away by the ideas that came up today (and every day!).  In our discussions on whales, we ended up getting into a bit of a debate about whether or not we should have wild animals in captivity.  We talked about opinions and how there is not always a clear distinct right or wrong but rather pros and cons that need to be looked at and discussed. The students did some writing on their opinion about the zoos and aquariums.  I feel like this is a discussion that might continue at your dinner tables tonight as many of the students were very passionate about their opinions!

Have a great weekend!

Welcome Back

A little late but as you can imagine, we hit the door running yesterday morning and it was non-stop until the end of the day.

A few quick things to note:

  • library is now on Tuesdays for the next few weeks
  • students are now getting pulled for sight words and math facts to 20.  We are working hard on having automatic recall with 100+ sight words and our basic addition and subtraction facts to 20.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Have a lovely break!

Thanks to all of our birthday families for bringing treats today.  We had a great Easter/birthday/April celebration!  I hope you all have a wonderful break.  When we return, we enter the home stretch of Grade 1 (yikes!) and expect things to be busy busy busy (honestly, I am not sure if there is ever a “down” time in this job).  See you all on Monday, April 24th!

Easter Egg Activity

Next week, we will be decorating an easter egg based on the Jann Brett story. I’ve attached an image of one for you to see.  If you have any scraps of ribbon, bows, decorative odds and ends that you would be willing to donate to the class, please send it with your child next week.

Thanks!JB easter egg

Weekly Announcements

This week, we have 7 sight words:

  • then, when, just, will, over, were, mother

This brings us to the end of our list!  We will continue to practice and review these words and more as the year progresses.

We have also made it through the entire list of word families.  On the webpage I have been using, they have 2 stories posted for each word family.  I will now be working my way through the 2nd story.  The first one can be found here: