Continuing on our pumpkin journey

Our exploration of pumpkins has been a lot of fun and on Friday it will come to a close when we carve the pumpkins.  We will be making estimates for how many seeds we think will be inside the pumpkin, the weight before we carve them, and we will be using our sense of touch, sight, and smell while we carve them.

We are also measuring our pumpkins in our Math unit.  One of our main measurement outcomes is to use comparative language to describe two objects (the orange pumpkin is rounder than the green pumpkin or the big pumpkin is heavier than the little pumpkin).  The students are really enjoying this hands on exploration and I’m sure it is helping them get in the Halloween spirit!

On that note, on Monday, October 31st, we will be allowing the students to dress in school appropriate costumes (nothing that restricts movement, no costumes that dress up like a particular race of people, masks that are easily removed and no weapons) and running Halloween stations and activities for most of the day.  We have some treats lined up from our October birthday families (thank you!).  It will be a fun day and I am looking forward to  celebrate the holiday with your

Monday Announcements

Hi all!

Just a few quick things for the week:

  • Weekly Sight Words: red, said, funny, make, me
  • Weekly Word Family: “it”.  We will be finishing up on the ‘in’ one today and then moving on tomorrow.  Here is the link:
  • Pumpkin carving activity on Friday.  Please wear older clothes!
  • One of the older students in the class is a finalist in a contest and we’d love to show her our comunity support,  Information on how to vote for her is on the webpage:
  • A lot of germs going around!  I have had lots of students sick or go home part way through the day.  A lot of fevers, coughs, upset tummies and headaches which makes it really hard to learn.  If your child is going to be away, please call the office to let them know but it is also helpful to send me a quick email so I know where everyone is at.  Also, lots of rest, wash your hands and eat healthy foods to fight off those bugs!

Pumpkin Exploration

We have started a Science unit that focuses on pumpkin exploration.  We started by asking what we already knew about pumpkins. pumpkin-facts

Over the course of the unit, we will confirm if what we *thought* we knew was true or a misconception (this is an important part of the learning process!).  In addition, we posed some questions to guide our exploration to try and look for certain ideas or information.

pumpkin-wondersWe will also be linking this to our measurement unit in Math as we will be asking the students to compare the pumpkins and put them in order from biggest to smallest, heaviest to lightest.

So excited to see where our learning takes us!


Monday Announcements

Raz Kids

All students have been set up with an online reading program called Razkids.  Your child has been placed at a reading level to help them practice with “just right” books.  Here is the log in information.

Kids A-Z Login Instructions
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher’s username, rperkins12
Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart,
Step 4: Your child enters his or her password which is the same as their username.

This is an optional program to supplement the reading you are already doing with your child.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


Today, a notice went home regarding a morning literacy event we are hosting for Education Week.  If you are able to attend, please send back the notice to help us plan for the day.  If the notice didn’t make it home, let me know and I will get you a copy!



Weekly Announcements

Weekly Sight Words:

  • it, one, find, yellow, little

Weekly Word Family:

Photo retakes are on  October 21st.  Please email me if you would like your child to have retakes.

Thank you to those who have sent spare clothes.  You might want to consider sending a few pairs of extra socks as the students socks are getting wet in the boot room from the floor.  Many kids do not want to wear their wet socks but bare feet isn’t really an option either.

Thanks and happy (fake!) Monday!

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Families,

Thank you all so much for your patience as I try to resolve some of my technical issues.  My main computer is still not working but I am now able to get online and once again have consistent access to email and my blog.  Something to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving weekend.

This first full month of Grade 1 has been so exciting!  The students are really starting to notice their weekly sight words and are getting so excited about their reading (which just makes my teacher heart sing!)  I hope you all have a wonderful and restful long weekend with your friends and families.  I will post some more information on Tuesday with some upcoming announcements but for now just enjoy your long weekend!