Monday Announcements



This is a very busy week and we have lots going on around the school

  • Weekly Sight Words: my, jump, down, big, in
  • Link to weekly ‘am’ word family story:
  • Tuesday is the BBQ and I am hoping you are able to make it out.  Afterwards, we will have a little Meet the Teacher night so feel free to pop by the classroom and see what we have been working on.  At 6:15, I will be giving a little talk about the classroom and just a little more information about me and the Grade 1 program in my class.
  • Please send any Terry Fox donations.  I will be collecting money and you can also donate online (but please let me know so we can try and track our donations!).
  • Our Terry Fox Walk is on Thursday (rain or shine!) from 230-330.  We will be walking with Ms. Holmes and her Grade 1 class and Mrs. Crawford’s class has offered to come with us as our big buddies to help us out.  Parents are more than welcome to join us.  Please wait in the hallway outside the classroom at 2:30 which will help me get the students organized quickly.
  • Friday is Orange Shirt Day.  Please wear an orange shirt (or anything orange!) to help us recognize that Every Child Matters.  Here is a link to the story behind Orange Shirt Day as well as some information on why it is so important that we recognize this day.

Terry Fox tracking

Next week, we will be tracking our daily kilometres for Terry Fox.  If you would like your child’s km to be included in the total, please write the number in your child’s agenda and I will keep track of it!

Also, stay tuned for Monday announcements as I will be putting the call out for parent volunteers to come with us during the Terry Fox run.

All kinds of families



Today, we did a Picture Walk through a variety of books that represent families in lots of ways.  We will be talking about all different family structures and what the similarities and differences are between them.  We have a lot of great books that will generate a lot of great discussion.

Different Forms of Writing

forms-of-writingWhen we are learning about writing, it is important to understands that there are different forms of writing and they are used for different purposes.  Also, there are different rules depending on what style of writing you are using such as using a greeting on the top of a letter or not worrying as much about full sentences when you write a grocery list.  Have your child practice these different forms of writing.  A good activity is to have them make a grocery list and they can use the flyers to help them spell the words.




Making Our Mark


We had so much fun celebrating Dot Day yesterday and the students ‘made their mark’ with this Kandinsky inspired art project.  I am already so proud of all of my students!  They have made the tricky transition into Grade 1 and are working so hard every day!  This weekend, take a minute to enjoy some time outside (it is the last official weekend of summer!) and rest doing whatever it is you love to do.

See you Monday!


Quick Note

Just a quick note to let you know that my laptop screen was cracked today and for the next few days while it is in at the shop, I may be a bit slower on email and blog updating.  It’s a quick fix and my computer should be back quickly!  Love technology!

International Dot Day

Tomorrow, we will be reading a book called The Dot and talking a bit about making our mark in the world.  I’ve asked the students if they have something with dots (or a ball or anything really!) that they could wear it tomorrow.  This is not something that should cause you a lot of prep as it is no big deal if they don’t have something!